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Blogger’s testimonial – share_everymoments – Captain B

As everybody knows, eyes are the “window of our soul”, whether a person is shiny and charming enough, it depends on her pair of eyes. In Hong Kong, due to the hard and busy life, people can only sleep late. Just like Captain B, let alone the serious dark circle and fine lines, eyes are always difficult to keep open with no energy. 

Fortunately, Captain B met AttoHealth recently and found a useful treatment – RRS®HA eye treatment. AttoHealth is a medical centre in Central, where the location is extremely easy to find for, just opposite to the Central MTR Station. RRS®HA eye treatment is a non-invasive medical procedure helps to reduce puffiness, eyelid sagging, dark circles and under-eye bags wrinkle (obviously targeting Captain B’s case haha!)

The RRS®HA eyes used in the treatment is formulated by the CE Class III approved hyaluronic acid and organic silicium. Hyaluronic acid is recognized as the most effective moisturizing ingredients, which helps to enhance moisture and revitalize skin’s outer layer to look and feel softer, smoother and plumper. While organic silicium is the necessary elements of skin connective tissue, it adheres collagen and aids in elastin building. A combination of these two parts produces a strong synergy effect of moisture, hence repairs and refills the inner layer of the skin.

First of all, just to show Captain B’s before and after (No PS!! No extra modification of the photos!!) Although my tiredness may scare you off, Captain B must admit the huge difference in between!! The eyes are sparkling and gleaming now!!

Ok, let’s go back to the treatment process. We had makeup removal at the beginning (As Captain B didn’t have makeup today, so this part was skipped~), then therapists pumped the RRS®HA eyes essence onto Captain B’s under-eye bags by a syringe. The essence was colorless and with no fragrant. Do not look down upon this tiny essence ampoule, it supported the whole treatment.

After pumping on a thick layer of essence, therapist used the microneedle to press the essence into each pore. Honestly Captain B was quite worry about pain induced from the microneedle therapy, but the experience from AttoHealth surprised Captain B. The treatment was too comfortable to make Captain B even felt asleep! Not even a slight feel of painful!!

From inner to outer corner of the eyes, therapist carefully applied the essence and microneedle gently. Without any force, no redness and pinholes on the skin could be assured from the treatment. And the treatment continued on upper eyelid area after the under-eye bags.

Once again not painful at all~ Although the sound of microneedle made Captain B feeling a bit nervous, the process was actually good and easy. Repeated twice the process, it was time to follow therapist’s instructions to look up (This is the strength of Captain B’s haha!)

Lastly, therapist helped to apply some moisturizing cream and sunscreen around the treated area. It was to provide adequate moisture and immediately protect the fragile skin. Especially after treatment, appropriate maintenance was so important!

Have you found Captain B’s eyes have been shining in this photo? Not to exaggerate, but the treatment was so working that Captain B’s eyes could open effortlessly. The feeling was so amazing and Captain B was like full of energy! Colleagues and friends all agreed with the result of Captain B’s RRS®HA eye treatment!

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