Through Genome Test, you can understand your genome and find out adverse health effects. The test result is your guide to targeting disease prevention and health preservation. You can achieve effective prevention by implementing preventive health care. Thus you can create a balanced life.

Methods used in Genome Test

  • the GeneHealth™ technology analyses DNA samples from your saliva.
  • 900,000 detected genetic markers
  • An overall evaluation of your health status
  • Customization of personalized health management program
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The advantages of Whole Genome Test

Through Whole Genome Test, you can understand your genome and find out adverse health effects. The test result is your guide to targeting disease prevention and health preservation. You can achieve effective prevention by implementing preventive healthcare. Thus you can create a balanced life.

  • 1. Comprehensive : Whole Genome Test covers a broad range of test items related to disease susceptibility, traits, drug response, nutrition and other categories;
  • 2. Accurate : We are using advanced sequencing technologies and high-throughput gene chip with accuracy up to 99.9% to provide our customers with high precision digital reports.
  • 3. Professional : International standard technology, Top R&D team from the East and the West, Government approved, GMP support
  • 4. Services : Adopt standard operating procedure (SOPs) for DNA extraction, genetic testing, large data analysis and after service, etc. Experts provide you with report interpreting service and personalized solutions.

Whole Genome Test can test

148 Disease Risks
Malignant Tumor+ Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases + Metabolic Diseases and Immune System Diseases+ Muscular Problems, Bone and Joint Disease and Neurological Diseases+…

95 Characteristics
Character Trait + Nutrition Metabolism + Innate Talent Characteristics

182 Drug Reactions
Cardiovascular Drugs + Hormones and Related Drugs + Central Nervous System Agent + Antitumor Drugs
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We must first understand the children’s talents and potentials. Secondly, effects of family, school, and social environment are critical to children’s growth and development. Genetic testing indicates four essential aspects of a child, including intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), talents and potentials, and nutrition.

Intelligent Quotient

Performance IQ, Verbal IQ, Fluid Intelligence, Crystallized Intelligence, Cognitive Capacity, Breastfeeding, and IQ…
Episodic Memory, Working Memory, Long-term Memory, Visual Memory, Spatial Memory, Verbal Memory, Short-term Memory and Logical Memory…
Thinking Ability:
Attention, Decision Making, Avoidance of Errors, Reasoning Skills, Comprehension, Verbal Ability and Perseverative Errors…
Creative Abilities:
Figural Creativity, Verbal Creativity…


Novelty Seeking, Persistence, Risk Taking, Self-directedness…
Stress Coping Styles, Stress Tolerance…
Self-transcendence, Reward Dependence…
Emotion Recognition:
Emotional Empathy, Theory of Mind…
Interpersonal Relationship Management:
Communication Skills, Cooperativeness, Leadership…
The 5 Dimensions of Temperament:
Introversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness…
Emotion Management:
Shyness, Impulsivity-related Behaviour, Anger Tendency, Sentimentality, Affectionateness, Highly Sensitive Personality…


Sports Talents:
Speed Performance, Endurance Performance, Muscle Strength Response, Bone Mineral Density, Calcium Absorption…
Music Talents:
Musical Ability…
Financing Talents:
Successful Trader
English Language Talents:
Irregular Word Spelling, Linguistic Grammar Learning…
Chinese Language Talents:
Chinese Character Dictation, Orthographic Judgment…
Mathematical Talents:
Numeric Ability…
Reading Talents:
Reading and Spelling Ability…
Speech Talent:
Presentation Skills…

Health / Nutrition

Vitamin A Demand, Circulating Concentrations of Vitamin C, Vitamin D Levels, Vitamin E Levels, Vitamin B6 Metabolism, Vitamin B12 Levels, Folate Pathway Vitamin Levels…
Trace Elements:
Serum Iron Concentrations, Calcium Levels, Blood Zinc Level, Serum Magnesium Concentration, Blood Manganese Concentrations, Blood Lead Level…
Diet Preference:
weet Preference…
Special Nutrition:
Lactose Tolerance, Caries Susceptibility
Childhood Disease:
Infantile Asthma, Pediatric Rheumatic Fever, Night Myopia, Autism…
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Disease risk gene detection covers the circulatory system, motor system, endocrine system, respiratory system, genitourinary system, digestive system, nervous system, sensory system, etc., suggesting that the risk of individual risk of the disease, the proposed high-risk individuals targeted Disease, professional prevention; through professional preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of disease or early detection of disease, so early detection, early detection, early treatment, improve treatment efficiency. The individual genetic risk detection can also assess the genetic risk of the entire family disease and provide effective genetic information for family disease prevention.

Modern medical studies have shown that, in addition to trauma, almost all of the diseases and genes are related. Like blood different blood type, the body of the normal gene is also divided into different genotypes, that is, genetic polymorphism. Different genotypes are less sensitive to environmental factors, and susceptible genotypes can cause disease under the action of environmental factors.

In addition, abnormal genes can directly cause disease, in which case the disease is a genetic disease. Diseases are the result of a genetic factor (gene) that interacts with the external environment, but genes make us different about the susceptibility to disease. Through genetic testing, people can understand their own “internal” risk, so that purposeful targeted to prevent and reduce the possibility of disease.


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